Don’t Kill the Birthday Girl


I recently read a book called Don’t Kill the Birthday Girl. It’s a non-fiction book, and before I talk about it, I just want to say that lately I feel like I’ve realized that I’ve had a lot of misconceptions about things. Such as the idea that all non-fiction books are completely boring and would put me and all other normal people to sleep after about one sentence. This book has helped me realize how wrong I was, because it actually was very interesting to read, and I actually enjoyed reading it and wanted to read it. Crazy, huh??

Anyways, this book is a memoir by Sandra Beasley, a woman with a plethora of severe allergies. She’s allergic to dairy (both from cows and goats), eggs, soy, mango, grapefruit, beef, shrimp, mustard, cashews, macadamias, pistachios, honeydew, and cucumber, just to name a few in the agonizingly long list. Despite her severe…

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