Chewy M&M Cookies


I have an intense infatuation with Christmas cookies. Maybe it’s my love for baking them, maybe it’s the nostalgia, or maybe it’s just that they’re so darn delicious. Regardless of the reason, I lose all sense of self-control around Christmas cookies and become an elated 5 year-old, void of shame and self-restraint.

Actually, this is me when Christmas cookie season rolls around:

christmas cookies-2

You might’ve picked up on my holiday cookie enthusiasm given that almost every post for the past two weeks has included cookies. But can you really complain? With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start wrapping up the old Christmas cookie collection, but not without first sharing my new addition to the usual cast of characters I have every year: Chewy M&M Cookies.

I’m not crazy about M&M’s on their own, but toss ’em in a cookie, and I’m game. These cookies are so extraordinarily…

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