Day 4- O Little Town of Bethlehem

Face in a Crowd

Dec 9
Early start—7 am. The roads were just awakening with people going to work. The street vendors at the Jerusalem Gate were not even set up yet. Sunday, a regular work day, with the weekend—Friday and Saturday—over.

First stop, the Western Wall and the Rabbinical Tunnel (Western Wall Tunnel) under the buildings of the Old City of Jerusalem. Deep underground, the original wall is exposed including the Western Stone which, at forty feet, is the largest stone in the wall. Outside the day was bright and the tempo on the street became busier. We backtracked on the Via Dolorosa to Stations One and Two that we were unable to see previously to visit the Chapel of the Condemnation which sits where Jesus took up the cross.
Jerusalem Model (800x531)
The Basilique Sainte Anne marks the spot at the Pool of Bethesda.
The morning also included a visit to the Shrine of the…

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