Day 92- Lobster Bisque

chicago grilling 365

027Tuesday night Kurt and I had a fabulous dinner at his restaurant with a few of our friends. Afterwards we went to Jewel to grab items for grilling.

I, of course, forgot to use the bathroom at the restaurant and had to pee as soon as we got to Jewel. When I came out of the bathroom I had a hard time locating Kurt.

In the process of searching for him I found a bag of frozen lobster claws and thought they would be great for lobster mac n cheese or soup.

I was busy Wednesday with shopping, cleaning and wrapping gifts. My mind was set on doing lobster bisque for dinner so I went back to Jewel to grab a few things. For the bisque I needed more butter, heavy whipping cream, onion and bread.

025While I was there I grabbed a few more grilling items for the next…

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