Friday, Holiday!

Fit Swiss Chick

YES!! I am on holiday!! I will not work until January 7th. Ha. I will do what I please, sleep, eat, workout, shop, relax, read, blog, spend time with my man (he has to work though), spend time with friends and Mom, go to the hairdresser, cook, knit and go for walks. Ah yes, and a bit of celebrating christmas in between. 17 days!!


Don’t you worry, I will even have more time to blah about food and my boring life every day 🙂

This week was so busy and it challenged me a lot. I mentioned it before, but I had to skip some planned workouts, which is always critical. Actually it was always the second workout of the day, which, honestly is anyway not really needed, right? Still, the voice in my head is so strict and I have a hard time to overhear it. But I managed it…

Lihat pos aslinya 543 kata lagi


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