Puzzled Yet?

Walking in the Light

Inspired by Grace4Today’s DIY puzzles (http://onecraftyowl.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/are-you-puzzled/) I decided to try to create a world of my own. Here’s a few snap shots of the process (and my dog, Lucy, at the end).

Wooden World Map
It took me a while to sketch the darn thing on the wood.
On the Jig
Then off to the handy jigsaw to start cutting it out.
Work In Progress
Two continents down..
Australia joins the (reverse silhouette) party.
North America Cut Out
What? Where on earth did North America go?
Cuttin' Away
I now have new appreciation for jigsaw puzzles.

All Done

The finished painted work. (Thanks to my little sister for graciously painting it for me.)
My Dog
And Lucy posing next to the puzzle.
Lucy was puzzled on what exactly it was I was making. She thought it was a nice and colorful chew toy for her. Yeah, I think she was puzzled.

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