Smorgasbord: Manga Sushi, Moti Roti, Bloomsbury’s and more


Sometimes there are bite-sized delights of food information you want to post on your blog but those posts would be to a blog audience what one canapé would be to a ravenous person… so what do I do? Mix it all up in a large plate of canapés that will fill you up!

A while back, I received an interesting invitation from Tahir Shah, owner of Moti Roti. He invited members from the food blogging community to experience rotis in his home, with his Mom spinning her expert fingers into creating awesome rotis. I went along, and not only did I eat smashing food, but also learned more about Tahir and what he’s trying to do with Moti Roti. It was also an insight into the hardships faced by SMEs here, especially in the F&B sector. The rotis are excellent – “maa ke haath ka khana” (food made by…

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