Playing in the Snow

nature student

The continuing wet snowfall & gray skies have not been immediately conducive to outdoor exploration & inspiration. It has been a challenge to find some incentive to photograph in the weather of the past week. However on a recent outing, I found some creative possibilities with wet flakes sticking thickly on leaves & branches. After a short time playing in the snow, I spent several warm hours indoors playing with Photoshop.

Corkscrew hazel, also called Harry Lauder’s walking stick, is a beautifully contorted & twisted shrub that is best appreciated in the winter, with infinite potential for abstract arrangements. Although I liked the image as composed, I also tried the Paint Daubs filter to enhance the painterly texture.

Any spots of colour, like these cotoneaster berries, were vibrant in the snow. The Stained Glass filter seemed appropriate for a composition with colour as well as suitable for the…

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